There is No Such Thing as a Foolish Plan

Photo by Ryan Ancill on Unsplash

Fear of the Foolish Path

Our deep aversion to foolishness seems to be rooted in our perception of its effect on our social standing. As social creatures that rely heavily on interaction and cooperation, anything that could affect our positioning in our immediate community is seen as an unwise. We have that innate need to belong and to be part of something. And to act foolishly and non-customary would risk us being out-casted.

Everything Starts Foolish

What we often forget is that any path we see now started out from a foolish and courageous act by someone in the past.

It’s Worth Following

In a world that is more open and connected, it seems that it is also more safer for us to put out our creative work out there however foolish it may seem. Because in this new world, we have the opportunity to find and choose the tribe we resonate with.



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