Our Obsession To Have Success Hinders our Process of Becoming Successful

Chasing success always turns into failure to be one

We’ve ticked the boxes from our to-do’s , cleared the emails, made our action plan for the next quarter and then get excited at the prospect of being successful in the near future. We believe that our plan should work. We’re so invested in the idea that we could be the next big thing in our field. We romanticize our future self as someone admired and someone who has figured it all out.

Until we see things unfold.

And much to our disappointment, nothing is quite falling according to our plan.

Success is Being and Not ‘Having’

In this modern age wherein success is seen in terms of the more external factors like wealth, influence and status, it is not quite discussed how pernicious it is to succumb to this hustle culture to have this superficial success.

What’s originally the side effects of Being a person of character and of good deeds has now become a mere commodity to Have.

We have depersonalized an intrinsically personal aspect of ourselves by only doing things that could give us the results we want.

We have dehumanized our humanity by objectifying our deeds through seeing it only through the lens of metrics.

And by doing so, we are losing the ability to give meaning to the things we do because we only measure it in numbers.

Our obsession to have success leads to a sense of disconnection with our higher self which then creates the paradox of having so much results and yet feel so unaccomplished and meaningless. All so empty.

That’s why, without paying attention to this, we will never really feel successful.

Success is Where We Put Meaning

The problem then lies in our perception of what it means to be successful.

We used to dream of professions in order to help or be of any service to others. We wanted to be doctors so we can heal the sick, to be scientists so we can discover and create things that could help the world or to be a teacher so we can teach and inspire the generation to follow. But we are now trading the dream to be competent individuals for things that are more convenient to have such as fame and fortune.

The thing with being successful is it seems to correspond with our sense of meaning for the things we do. The more we deem something to be meaningful, the more effort we exert to doing it right. Consequently, this leads us to getting better in our field which makes us more valuable to society.

Perhaps real success is actually the type of person we become in the process. The transformation that happens to ourselves when we heed the call to be better at something.

It’s in the moments we feel a deep sense of connection whenever we accomplish something.

It’s whenever we answer the call to participate in the journey.



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