On Changing the Trajectory of Our Life: Understand The Source

Part of our nature as human beings is to aim for something better. Better career, better status, better income, better selves, you get it. It’s somewhat built into our system to always want something else. The need to progress and prosper. We see life as this arrow with a trajectory moving forward and upward. But far too often that we’d like to admit, we find ourselves in a rut and stuck in a series of life situations and bad habits that God knows we all want to change.

But how?

The Source

In order to change the course of our current life, we need to understand the source of its trajectory to start with. If life seems to be stagnant and standing still in a state where we don’t want to be, then there must be something wrong with our environment. Well, this is true, but we have to keep in mind our environment never adapts to us, it’s the other way around. So changing our attitude about our situation would be the key.

There would be two critical things that we need to identify first so we can take hold of how we want to direct our lives. Together, they will comprise the Source that will fuel us forward.

Firstly, we must ask ourselves deeply and truthfully, where do we exactly want to be. This is crucial. Most of the time we complain about how much we don’t like our current happenstance in life but fail to realize that we don’t really take the time to know the alternative we want. And it’s not gonna be just settled with ‘I just want to be happy.’ We have to be clear and precise with what we want, because the universe is ready to give it, so we just have to clearly define it. And also, while we contemplate on what we really want in life, we’d be relieved to realize that within the deep recesses of our minds, our higher selves are not as keen as to achieving happiness but rather meaning. (which deserves a topic of its own)

In order to answer the first question, it’ll be essential to allow ourselves be guided by our Interests. Whenever we are interested in anything, our capacity to endure greatly increases. This explains why we could spend hours on watching or reading certain content materials when it has piqued our interests. Same thing with why most, if not all, successful people are usually the ones who invested so much time on their projects that genuinely hold their interest.

Figure Out Our Landmarks

Now that we know how to figure out what really fuels us in this life journey, we should then contemplate on how to move ourselves towards the direction we want. This would include examining our current skillset, network and other available tools that could help us move through the path we have chosen to take.

These particular landmarks would basically act as our guidepost to validate our progress and at the same time, it should act as a re-assessment point wherein we re-ask ourselves if we still want to pursue the particular path. We have to keep in mind that as we go through life, our priorities and interests may change or more often than not, evolve from what we previously thought. This maturation process could only take place once we have actually started our journey towards realizing the meaning we’ve defined for ourselves.

Don’t Hesitate to Accelerate

In the course of our advancement, there would be some instances where we would have the opportunity to accelerate towards our calling. We should always try to keep an eye out for this fleeting moments that could lead us closer to our self fulfillment. Such situations could sometimes present itself in quite inconvenient ways forcing us out of our comfort zone. Perhaps that is exactly the point of the coincidence. By pushing us out of our complacency, we get to acquire harder skills that would enable us to be the person we have asked the universe to help us to become.

“What got you here, won’t get you there.” -Marshall Goldsmith

Understanding our personal source is our only chance to identify what could propel us forward in life. Taking time to figure out what makes us tick holds the key to lifetime sense of purpose which inevitably dictates where we get to be.

By being aware of how life has its own ways of nudging us to the right direction, we can shift our mindsets to view certain hardships as forms of potential growth. In this way, we get to apply a positive attitude in facing obstacles head on, further giving us the mental clarity we need so we can accept and endure anything that would help us pursue our chosen meaning.



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