And The Alternative Attributes We Need to Develop

It isn’t an understatement to say that ALL nations around the world seek prosperity and peace for all its citizens. There are several criteria that are considered universal in the wholesome development of a country. There’s the literacy and over-all quality of its education system which has been determining the quality of future work force and policy makers alike. Its economic prosperity brought about by the established trading systems participated by both the public and private sectors. Then there’s the leadership role and management practices by the government ensuring policies are carried out for the unhindered advancement of society.


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Whenever we can’t seem to figure out how something works, or we want to be really good at something like say baking, writing, painting, or whatnot, we would read some basic principles on the subject matter so as to give us some rudimentary understanding on the how the concept works. For instance, if we wanna be good at baking, we will have to study the function and interaction of the primary ingredients like flour, liquid, sugar and fat to each other. Then we’d also have to figure out the effects of temperature, cooking time and other non-ingredient stuff.

This mental…

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The pandemic has decimated several industries while nurturing the growth of some. It has forced us to retreat public spaces and into our own private dwelling places. With the decreased social interaction, we have seen the demise of countless enterprises across the board which involves some sort of human contact. This is particularly true for the food service industry, notoriously popular for its low margins, season-dependent profits, high upkeep, low wages, long hours, etc. Small operators were swept by the wave of bankruptcies following several months of lockdown across the globe.

Regardless of the operation size, the crisis has brought…

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Part of our nature as human beings is to aim for something better. Better career, better status, better income, better selves, you get it. It’s somewhat built into our system to always want something else. The need to progress and prosper. We see life as this arrow with a trajectory moving forward and upward. But far too often that we’d like to admit, we find ourselves in a rut and stuck in a series of life situations and bad habits that God knows we all want to change.

But how?

The Source

In order to change the course of our current life…

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One of the most common source of our misery nowadays is the feeling of failure in life. The rapid progress of our technology and society has been leaving us individuals to feel like we’re getting left behind in the pursuit of advancement. The subcultures that have recently emerged has unintentionally created the constant need to catch up. This has resulted in the all-pervasive anxiety of not being able to do enough, not becoming smart enough and not becoming rich enough.

To stave off this looming mental state, we bury ourselves with various distractions. Meaningless work, relationships and a whole lot…

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Which would you rather be, a person missing out on things or the one actually getting left behind, for good.

That’s the paradox of today’s culture, particularly of the younger ones.

In a world that’s constantly changing in a pace we have never experienced before, aggravated by social media that’s making us more anxious, we are incessantly coaxed to participate in the ever-growing noise. Making sure we won’t have time to deeply ponder if what we’re diving ourselves into actually adds value and meaning to our lives.

For sure, this expanding digital world has given us a whole new set…

We’re always just smiling and carrying on.

At least that’s how non-Filipinos always see us , be it in good times or the bad. Especially the latter as others would describe. As a matter of fact, it’s quite common to hear more jokes and laughter whenever we’re faced with some hardships and setbacks.

The truth is that whenever such oddities appear, we are starting to exhibit our inclination for adaptation. …

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This globally-shared experience of a pandemic has tremendously impacted most industries with their traditional models of operation. One such industry that has taken a huge hit is the restaurant industry. The effect of the situation has directly hit the very nature of our field- social contact.

With this, restaurants who are lucky enough to dodge the first wave of bankruptcies all over have been forced not only to lay off staff (temporarily or not) but also to rethink the existing model of dining out.

Going Back to Basics

Middle to high class restaurants, those that have actual kitchen brigades headed by a chef, which…

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So much has already been said about Corruption, be it in the Philippines or anywhere for that matter.

Growing up, this evil of a trait has been notoriously repeated over and over like a mantra that we have to live by. The government is corrupt. Any kind of authority is corrupt. God forbid, even some holy people have also been accused of being corrupt.

Everyone’s stance on the matter seems to be more on the defensive and or passive side.

“It’s just the way we are..”

“It will never change.”

“It’s hopeless…”

I beg to differ.

What if changing how…

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More recently, there has been more weight placed upon the value of one’s race, ethnicity and cultural identity. People seem to realize that there’s actually power in taking ownership of their own narrative, both personal and national.

As a Filipino, especially if you grew up in the Philippines, you would be constantly reminded by everything around you what being a Filipino is and should be. God-fearing, hardworking, resilient, jovial and naturally competitive. …


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