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Resiliency is no longer enough.

In a world undergoing exponential change in such a short period of time, being resilient can no longer handle things as it used to be. With all the advancement (primarily in technology) creating opposing tensions with the established bureaucracies from the past, we are being pushed and pulled from all directions which resiliency could no longer cope up with.

It needs help. An upgrade. A skill that would not only allow us to bend according to the needs of the situation, but rather to grip onto conflicts and take out the most of the experience…

And The Alternative Attributes We Need to Develop

It isn’t an understatement to say that ALL nations around the world seek prosperity and peace for all its citizens. There are several criteria that are considered universal in the wholesome development of a country. There’s the literacy and over-all quality of its education system which has been determining the quality of future work force and policy makers alike. Its economic prosperity brought about by the established trading systems participated by both the public and private sectors. Then there’s the leadership role and management practices by the government ensuring policies are carried out for the unhindered advancement of society.


We must follow our fears.

We ought not to let go of them.

For indifference from inaction is worse than our biggest failures.

And regret is the murmur of our unrealized selves.

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Curiosities’ Friend

Processing my relationship with my fears, I have come to an interesting realization that most of my fears are somewhat closely tied to my curiosities. That’s interesting because they seem to go hand in hand. Anywhere I find myself curious, I find some level of fear as well.

Since we either ignore or get captivated by things, it seems natural that only those that fixates us can also…

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This era has been giving us so much ideas on the endless possibilities of our life. More than ever, we see so many options for things to do, consume and work on. Our mere exposure to all these alternatives has given spark to many curiosities within us.

A lot of this curiosities are quite trivial. Meaning after trying it out, we get to realize that it was a good experience but it’s not really something we would do again. But then from time to time, there would be ones that would deeply captivate our attention. Things that would send us…

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Our obsession for success has never been greater than before.

We see it everywhere. Self-made millionaires, one-man digital empires, waves of startups and even the establishment of new industries. With the world moving at such an exponential phase, being decisive in taking actions will be critical for our thriving

But with so many things vying for our attention and sparking our curiosities, even making a decision itself has become harder for us. We’re immobilized by the pull of too many things at the same time.

In order to withstand all the external pull around us and excel in mastering our…

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One of our most common cause of feeling unsuccessful in life is not having taken any path that deeply resonates with us.

This whole pandemic era has given us so much time to think about our progress in life. It made us question if we are pursuing the right path, or even got us thinking if we are on any path at all.

Such moments of introspection is actually quite important for us sometimes. It provides us a deeper sense of our why. Done deliberately, it could lead us having clearer goals, shaping our actions to focus only on what’s…

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” -Lao Tzu

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All great things take time.

That includes our best self.

However, we would be mistaken to assume that things will naturally and effortlessly sort itself out. It’s the quite the contrary. In all of the stories about greatness, natural wonders included, the struggle is usually the period in which greatness is born. In other words, our struggle is the very thing that will bring forth our full potential.

This is our incubation period.

Ever had that experience during springtime wherein you’re astonished to realize that flowers seem to appear everywhere…

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Instant and Easy.

Probably two of our most favorite words especially in this digital information age. As consumers, we typically look out for these key words. From cooking, fixing stuff, learning a language, and any other stuff that we would like to do.

We keep telling ourselves that we don't have the time and the energy to do things but at the same time we’re ironically convinced that the more we do (or at least claim to do), the more successful we would become. …

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Whenever we can’t seem to figure out how something works, or we want to be really good at something like say baking, writing, painting, or whatnot, we would read some basic principles on the subject matter so as to give us some rudimentary understanding on the how the concept works. For instance, if we wanna be good at baking, we will have to study the function and interaction of the primary ingredients like flour, liquid, sugar and fat to each other. Then we’d also have to figure out the effects of temperature, cooking time and other non-ingredient stuff.

This mental…

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The pandemic has decimated several industries while nurturing the growth of some. It has forced us to retreat public spaces and into our own private dwelling places. With the decreased social interaction, we have seen the demise of countless enterprises across the board which involves some sort of human contact. This is particularly true for the food service industry, notoriously popular for its low margins, season-dependent profits, high upkeep, low wages, long hours, etc. Small operators were swept by the wave of bankruptcies following several months of lockdown across the globe.

Regardless of the operation size, the crisis has brought…


Cooking. Design. Philosophy.

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